Okatech, an innovative insulating glass product by Okalux GmbH, was recently specified for the new Learning and Teaching Building at Monash University to help reduce the solar load on the building. Okatech is available from Architectural Glass & Cladding (AGC), which supplies the latest glass cladding products to the architectural and building industries.

Architects, developers and builders are constantly seeking solutions that would maximise energy efficiency and natural light in buildings. A leading supplier of bespoke, high performance façade products with over 20 years of experience, AGC has partnered with Okalux to offer innovative glass cladding technology that addresses the industry’s demand for energy efficiency and end user comfort while reducing the running cost of buildings by enabling the flow of natural daylight.

Okatech by Okalux was recently installed at the new Learning and Teaching Building in Monash University. Designed by John Wardle Architects and built by Multiplex, the building is able to reduce solar heat gain coefficient through the use of insulating glass.

Okatech insulating glass is particularly suitable for projects where the client doesn’t want external solar control; by reducing the solar load on buildings, the glazing is able to optimise the use of cooling systems, helping achieve substantial energy savings. Building occupants also gain from enhanced personal comfort, thanks to the reduction of glare and increased visual light transmission.

The premium pricing of Okatech insulating glass is offset through economic and personal comfort benefits as well as improved building aesthetics.