Architectural Glass & Cladding has partnered with the Melbourne-based Cladding Systems to create a complete façade system compliant with fire rating AS1530.1.

Designed, developed and fabricated by Cladding Systems, the new WC-185 Window Wall System is compliant when combined with AG&C’s non-combustible, double-skinned Reynodual aluminium cladding product.

Key features of the WC-185 Window Wall System include versatile mullion design enabling non-directional installation and improving modular configurations; CSIRO-tested system delivering superior acoustic performance with values upward of +60Rw; façade modules easily adapting a large range of single and double glazed vision/ colour backed units; and unique subframe design integrating seamlessly with Cladding Systems’ hook-on slab edge cover connections, creating a sleek, complete façade appearance.

Cladding systems used on high rise, commercial and industrial buildings are currently in focus following the recent fire at Grenfell Tower in London as well as the earlier Lacrosse incident in Melbourne.

As a leading supplier of customised, high performance façade products, Architectural Glass & Cladding provides a remedy to the threat of fire with Reynodual, the first coil-coated, double-sheet aluminium panel for façades with high technical, visual and environment-friendly advantages.

Much stronger than previous aluminium composites, the 2 x 1.5mm skin can be manipulated to produce creative and appealing shapes.

AG&C Sales and Marketing Manager, Paul Nipperess says the Reynodual product has been tested and approved by the CSIRO to meet all current fire safety standards including AS1530.1. In addition to adhering to the stringent fire protection requirements of AS1530.1, EN-13501-1, class A2, Reynodual also guarantees good wind resistance, making it suitable for high rise, industrial and public buildings.