As energy rates continue to rise across Australia, it’s important for businesses to manage energy use within their operations. By doing so, they can take control of their energy bills and reduce the impact their business has on the environment.

According to Sustainability Victoria, businesses will not only gain financially and environmentally but also benefit from improved staff morale, customer satisfaction and indoor comfort levels.

Sustainability Victoria offers a full range of recommendations for businesses to reduce energy within their operations. The recommendations cover industry-specific advice for manufacturing and building efficiency incorporating HVAC as well as equipment efficiency including compressed air, boiler, steam and process heating, motors, pumps, fans and refrigeration.

ARBS digital showcase

ARBS 2021 will be held at the MCEC, Melbourne from 15-17 February 2021.

Connect to the ARBS digital showcase – an online collection of the latest products, technology and services from ARBS exhibitors. The showcase is a wonderful opportunity to support the industry by engaging with exhibitors as they continue to present comprehensive new product information and services, supported by an assortment of images and videos.

To find out more and unlock access to the very latest industry innovations, visit the exhibitor listings page.  If you are an exhibitor and interested in contributing to the showcase, please contact ARBS for details.