Over the years the importance of sanitisation has come under the spotlight among consumers. This concern for cleanliness has also found a voice among water cooler users. Water coolers have and continue to be a source of fresh clean water.

However, over time dirt and grime can build up as a result of everyday use. As a result, water coolers need to be cleaned and sanitised periodically in order to ensure they are hygienically clean.

In response to this need, Aqua Cooler now has a sanitisation solution available which is specifically designed for use on water coolers. The solution, Cooler Clean, is available in two easy-to-use, simple applications:

Cooler Clean Spray (100 ml) - Used for cleaning and sanitation of drip trays, taps, on the top of the cooler where the bottle is inserted and other external areas of the cooler.

Cooler Clean Rinse (500 ml) - Used for cleaning and sanitation of the bowl and tubing leading out through the taps.

The rinse cannot be used in the hot tank of any hot cold water cooler. The rinse can only be used on the cold bowls.