Apaiser Bathware  are now offering architects, designers and discerning home owners fully integrated stone vanity units made from their unique stone composite, each with a natural and organic feel and appearance with superior thermal properties.

Apaiser Bathware's stone vanity unit range exemplifies the new approach to luxury in bathrooms. The fluid seamless stone vanity units come in a wide variety of internal basin shapes, in both single and double basin offerings.

Customised to a desired length, up to 3.5m, these Apaiser stone vanity units seamlessly exudes an organic, natural stone appearance, which imparts a quality and sense of synergy between nature and man, in stone.

The luxurious, attractive, sleek, and low maintenance apaiser stone, is versatile, light and durable. Made from recycled crushed marble that is mixed with resins and polymers, these environmentally friendly Apaiser stone vanity units require no sealing, are resistant to staining, heat and chemicals, and are easily cleaned.

Apaiser Bathware's stone vanity units, with their seamless lines and subdued grace, are offered in a diverse colour palette ranging from organic whites and creamy beiges, though to dusty blacks and greens.