Vibe Lighting, available from ANL Lighting introduces a new range of LED weatherproof battens.

Using Vibe's existing weatherproof battens, strips of high quality Tridonic LED modules, which produce light outputs similar to fluorescent tubes, are installed to replace the tubes. Featuring a high LOR frosted diffuser to soften the light and engineered quality heat management, these fittings ensure high performance and long life.

Vibe weatherproof battens are ideal for car parks, public areas, freezers, schools, warehouses and abattoirs. The LED weatherproof battens are also available in emergency and dimmable versions to meet different requirements. 

The emergency version features a test switch and light, with an option of one- or three-hour durations. When in emergency mode, it provides approximately 10% of the light output, and depending on the wattage, will light up full or half of the fitting. The dimmable version gives perfect linear dimming from 0 ~ 100% and is available as DALI, DSI, switchDIM and corridorFUNCTION.


DALI LED weatherproof battens feature digitally controlled modules via DALI signal with the functions depending on the controller used. Minimum and maximum dimming levels can be programmed, while the control input is protected against polarity reversal and accidental connection to mains voltage. Control line must be installed according to relevant directives on low voltage.

DSI (Digital Serial Interface)

The DSI is controlled by a separate line – if the layout is changed, only the control line needs re-routing, and the load line can stay. The low voltage cable is polarity-free and can be connected to the DSI connection of the converter. Converters with integrated DSI function can specify a minimum dimming value, maximum brightness and emergency value for all connected devices in control circuit. The digital interface ensures consistent lighting levels from first to last fitting - individual fittings cannot be addressed separately.


switchDIM enables a standard switch for dimming and switching to be connected directly. Pressing for <0.6s will switch the converter on or off, while pressing for >0.6s will dim the module. Dimming direction is changed when the switch is operated again. The switch needs to be held for 10s to synchronise all connected devices to 50% dimming value.


The corridorFUNCTION allows presence controlled lighting systems to be programmed without an additional controller. The light is not switched off when no one is present, but dims to a pre-set level. It can be programmed to switch off after a pre-set period of time.

Vibe's LED weatherproof battens are available in T5 and T8 Polycarbonate or T8 ABS body, offer heavy impact resistance, feature IP65 rating, and come complete with electronic ballast and stainless steel clips. The ABS battens are strong and resistant to harsh chemicals. The T5 option is only available in the standard version, while the T8 options are available in emergency and dimmable versions.

Vibe's LED weatherproof battens are available in 22W to replace a 28W fluorescent, 26W to replace a 36W fluorescent, 40W to replace two 28W fluorescent, and 48W to replace two 36W fluorescent. All battens are available in colour temperatures of 3000K (Warm White) and 4000K (Cool White), and have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.