Award winning Ecoswitch energy saving devices, available from ANL Lighting , have the potential to cut down electricity bills by eliminating wasted use of electricity when devices are in standby mode.

Rod Sheppard, Ecoswitch inventor, says; "The Ecoswitch simply plugs between your power point and power board. A quick flick of the easy access switch will cut off the power to your devices, saving on electricity when they are in standby mode.”

Electronic devices on standby can account for more than 10% of any household electricity bill. Both financial and environmental savings can be made (up to 800kg per year of CO2 production) with the Ecoswitch energy saving devices.

Ecoswitch can be used for TV and entertainment areas, computers and gaming consoles, workshop areas, rechargers and plug packs. Additionally, Ecoswitch energy saving devices can reduce the risk of electrical fires, extend the life of appliances and create a safer home environment due to recuded live wires.