Amber Technology has imported Optima Technology’s MovieTime DV10, a groundbreaking digital home theatre projector that features ultra bright, cinema-quality projection, a built-in DVD player and high performance speakers in a stylish, compact design.

The distributor says gone now is the confusion of which connectors to use, the frustration of short cables and interference from poor quality cabling. The digital DVD projector is designed for a wide range of situations including viewing the latest cinema titles or home movies. It offers accurate colour and detail for a rich home theatre experience, while additional inputs for external devices offer HDTV compatibility and can connect to a set top box, computers, games consoles or virtually any external device.

“Cinema quality experience in the home has to this point been reserved for enthusiasts who were prepared to invest significant time and money in order to build a quality in-home solution,” says Rod Sommerich, product manager from Amber Technology. “The MovieTimeTM Digital DVD projector will change the market’s view of projection. Anyone can transform their living room into a cinema without extra cabling or complex costly equipment.”

The Optoma DV10 MovieTime is now be available from major retailers, specialist Home AV and Corporate AV resellers for RRP $2,999.