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    AM-BOSS Access Ladders

    With over 40 years experience in the industry, AM-BOSS manufactures fixed access ladders to suit each individual environment, for both internal or external access. AM-BOSS access ladders are installed in all types of Buildings, Government, Factories, Hospitals, Homes - new and existing.

    AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders are the only pull-down access ladders on the Australian market that comply to the Building Code of Australia, and are CodeMark Certified.  It is a legislated requirement that a CodeMark Certified Product be accepted.




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    For ceiling heights up to 2800mm: 'Access-Boss™' and 'Access-Meister™' Models ceiling cutout is 1220mm x 570mm; ‘Big-Boss™’ Models ceiling cutout is 1220mm x 770mm; For ceiling heights from 2800mm up to 3800mm: 'Access-Boss™' and 'Access-Meister™' Models ceiling cutout is 1520mm x 570mm; Note: 'Access-Meister™' Models not available above 3400mm ‘Big-Boss™’ Models ceiling cutout is 1520mm x 770mm

    Yes. The AM-BOSS pull-down attic access ladder comes fully assembled and comes complete with hook and pole, frame, architrave, screws.

    Yes. Handrails for the attic access ladders are optional and come either as a ‘Standard’ Handrail (fixed to the top section of the ladder); or ‘Full-length’ Handrail (fixed to the top and middle section of the ladder).

    AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd designed their pull-down attic access ladder so no cutting is required! We believe the first step should be about the same distance from the ground as the other steps are from each other. Each AM-BOSS attic access ladder, (Domestic Series Models), caters for a height variation of 200mm approx., for ceiling heights up to 3600mm.


    Yes! Talk to us about your requirements and in most cases we can assist you.

    AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd is 100% Australian Owned and manufactured. Our factory is located in Sunshine North, Melbourne, Victoria.

    Simply measure from your finished floor to the underside of your ceiling and then find the Model that suits. Each Model caters for a specified ceiling height. For example, your ceiling height is 2400mm – that would be the Model 2345, which caters for ceiling heights starting at 2300mm, up to (but not exceeding) 2450mm; or your ceiling height is 3100mm – that would be the Model 3020, which caters for ceiling heights starting at 3000mm, up to (but not exceeding) 3200mm. It’s that simple.

    Yes, we can offer installation.

    Yes, and we can arrange delivery to almost anywhere in Australia or world-wide if you require.

    AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd distributes Australia Wide and world-wide. We have Distributors located throughout each State, and the Northern Territory, in Australia.

    The AM-BOSS pull-down attic access ladder was physically tested by Metlabs in Melbourne, and rated at 150kg at any given point. NOTE: This is not a spread weight!


    11-13 maida ave
    North Sunshine
    VIC  3020

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