Aluminium Facade Systems announces the appointment of Hilary Flynn as the new Business Development Manager for Queensland.

Flynn brings a wealth of knowledge from her nine years of experience in the construction industry including four years in facades.

A resident of Brisbane, Flynn first became interested in the industry for the ability to break the mould as a young woman, to see buildings come to life, and work with an array of different clients from developers to designers, builders and subbies. 

In her new role at Aluminium Facade Systems, she’s looking forward to working with clients, both new and existing. She also enjoys growing with the industry, and is, therefore, looking to learn and expand her knowledge with presentations, roadshows and similar initiatives.

Aluminium Facade Systems is excited to have Flynn join their team as their newest expert on ProClad aluminium cladding systems.

Start discussing your aluminium facade needs with Hilary Flynn today by phone 0482 161 058 or email [email protected]