Large panelled sliding doors and various modern windows were installed at a remodelled home in Coolbinia, WA to add a light and spacious feel.

Several door and window products played a crucial role in the transformation of this 1950s Art Deco home into a series of large, light-filled and connected living spaces. Utilising a mix of residential and commercial framing products from Alspec and Carinya, the newly added and remodelled existing portions of the home now provide multiple locations for the family to interact and relax.

Located in the northern Perth suburb of Coolbinia, the renovated home designed by Infinity Design & Drafting now enjoys an expansive opening to the poolside entertaining area, strategically positioned double glazing to keep temperatures stable, and a range of windows and louvres orientated to promote passive cooling.

A series of ProGlide High Performance sliding doors, spanning 7.5m W x 2.5m H, creates the interface between primary indoor and outdoor areas. The doors easily operate across the wide span, thanks to their heavy duty roller system developed for the commercial environment. While the doors create a secure barrier when closed, a large Centor S1 screen provides insect protection when the doors are open. Operated with fingertip control, the Centor screen retracts horizontally into its frame when not in use.

Across the home, new windows were used to replace existing timber windows as well as for new openings in the added spaces. Awning windows were drawn from the Carinya product range while ProVista sashless double hung windows were used in other locations. Carinya windows feature a bevelled edge look, which contributes to the home’s high-end feel, while their strength and durability meet performance requirements. The ProVista sashless double hung windows achieve a minimalist look, as the two panes of glass slide smoothly past each other. The sashless windows are suitable for both new and retrofit situations such as this home, and are available in two, three and four pane configurations.

For fixed panes of glazing, ecoFRAMEplus 150mm centre pocket double glazed framing was selected for its compatibility with the window ranges as well as its energy credentials. The robust framing was added in appropriate locations to control solar impacts while at the same time offering excellent weather protection. To further contribute to year-round energy efficiency and assist with passive cooling, Alspec Air-Flo Glass louvre systems were added to the bathroom and utility spaces. Air-Flo louvres are a secure way to utilise openable windows for natural ventilation.

Additionally, two Carinya French doors were added to update the front of the home. With their 85mm wide face, the Carinya Select 125 hinged doors deliver a modern appearance, while benefiting from the same durable componentry as the entire Carinya window and door ranges.

Photographer: Ron Tann Photography