KidScreen window fall prevention screens were recently installed at The Capri, a two-storey display home developed by 101 Residential Homes in Treeby, WA.

A popular residential building firm specialising in creating affordable two-storey homes on smaller blocks, 101 Residential Homes recently completed The Capri, where KidScreen systems were installed to create a safe environment for the children of future occupants.

New home builders are required to meet several building regulations to ensure their homes are well built and safe for all occupants including children.

When building a new home, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) states that if an openable window is more than four metres above the surface below, a barrier or balustrade must be included. The solution can be either a lock, which restricts how far the window can open, or screens. While locks are effective and appropriate for some situations, they minimise the ability to use passive cooling ventilation methods. If a screen is preferred, it must be more than a fly screen and should be able to prevent falls.

The logical way to prevent children falling from windows while still maintaining good natural light and ventilation in a home is to install KidScreen window fall prevention screens. The Perth-based 101 Residential Homes encourages the selection of KidScreen window screens for all new two-storey homes.

Developed by Alspec to specifically address the issue of children falling from windows, KidScreen window fall prevention screens are recommended for homes as they satisfy safety concerns without impacting light, ventilation or view. Similar in appearance to a standard fly screen, KidScreen has all the safety credentials required to prevent falls. These safety screens protect children by withstanding pressure and outward force as prescribed in Australian Standards and in line with the National Construction Code.

Made from stainless steel 316 grade mesh or heavily reinforced polyester, KidScreen has been tested and certified to satisfy the Australian Standard for Protection of Openable Windows (AS5203). Suitable for both new builds and retrofits, these screens are easy to install and customisable to match the building’s design. It comes with a seven-year warranty, when installed by a certified licensed installer.

With KidScreen window protection, homeowners have the assurance of safety without any window opening restriction, allowing them to take full advantage of airflow, while enjoying complete peace of mind.

Images: The Capri in Treeby, WA featuring KidScreen window fall prevention screens on the upper level bedroom windows