Several Alspec framing solutions were selected for La Trobe University’s new sports stadium to help create an energy-efficient environment and achieve 6 Star Green Star rating for the facility.

Originally envisaged as a high performance athlete training centre, the new stadium was redesigned to house facilities for academics, students, community clubs and sports administrators under one roof. Builder Adco brought their extensive expertise in constructing sporting and education facilities to this project, working with the University to revise the existing masterplan, and repositioning the new stadium as a central hub servicing a wider cross-section of users.

Designed by Warren & Mahoney Architects, the stadium’s facilities include six multi-sport courts; exercise, physiology and biomechanics testing laboratories; a 40m indoor running track; and heat and altitude training chamber. Flexible office spaces are incorporated in the layout for use by professional sports organisations and well-known sports clubs who have partnered in the facility.

With a six-star Green Star rating as the goal, Alspec’s premium energy efficient framing solutions were selected to address the building’s glazing needs. ThermAFrame, McArthur Evo and ecoWALL 225 window and door framing products were deployed across the site, each with technical credentials designed to enhance energy performance, while meeting structural requirements.

Alspec’s ThermAFrame 150mm double glazed flush framing and 50mm commercial doors are thermally broken products that substantially reduce the ability of heat and cold to flow through windows and openings. The airtight seal formed by the ThermAFrame ensures a stable interior temperature. For large expanses of fixed glazing, ecoWALL 225 flush glazed framing and McArthur Evo 150mm centre pocket framing were chosen.

The ecoWALL 225 framing offers a complete framing system with advanced structural integrity. The superior construction of this product, which includes reinforced mullions, can eliminate the need for additional steel framing, making it a useful addition for the high-roof sports stadium environment. McArthur Evo 150mm is a centre pocket framing style, which involves less glazing beads, resulting in a cleaner appearance, improved security and lower manufacturing and installation costs.

La Trobe University’s new sports stadium has been awarded Australia’s first ‘6 Star Green Star Design and As Built v1.2 certified rating’ for a sports building by the Green Building Council Australia, recognising ‘World Leadership’ in sustainable building practice.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell