Allstar Plastics works with some of the best talent in the industry to fabricate a designer’s visions using acrylic material as the medium.

Acrylic is an excellent medium to showcase one’s creativity, which is shaped and moulded by fabricators with sound technical and material knowledge. Inspired ideas are prototyped by hand right here in Australia on the Gold Coast by fabricators working with Allstar Plastics.

Plexiglas, created by Dr Otto Rohm, is one of the world’s most famous brands of acrylic. Evonik markets PMMA moulding compounds and sheet materials in the Americas under the ‘Acrylite’ trademark, while the trademark is PLEXIGLAS in the rest of the world.

The featured image is a Plexiglas Spa Bath created for GJ Gardener Homes, handmade at the Allstar Plastics factory on the Gold Coast by their incredible team of fabricators.