Plexiglas offers these advantages impact resistant, UV stable, excellent sound properties. Plexiglas can be used in the home, in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor and indoor. A range of uses, visit our gallery to see the endless possibilities. Plexiglas is available in clear, coloured, opaque in varying thicknesses.  Plexiglas can replace traditional glass.

Tried and tested with impressive results throughout its 70-year history, Plexiglas shows unrivalled resistance to yellowing with offering a 30-year guarantee. 

Plexiglas is used in these industries: Marine, Science & Technology, Retail, Hospitality, Architects and Interior designers. It found everywhere from the cake cabinets, furniture, shower, balustrades, awnings, skylights, table tops, windows, aquariums, in the pool, privacy fencing, decorative and designer fabricated pieces.

Many plastics lose a considerable portion of their light transmission during use. PLEXIGLAS® does not. Depending on material grade and region, clear-transparent sheets still retain up to 90% light transmission after 30 years of service life. This is one of the best transmission levels offered by any plastic.

PLEXIGLAS® is free from

• bisphenol A
• heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury
• asbestos, formaldehyde, CFCs, PCB, PCT
• is manufactured by environmentally sound processes at certified facilities (quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, environmental certifi cate DIN EN ISO 14001)

Plexiglas offers a range of thicknesses 1.5mm  to 50mm thick and sheet sizes 1220x2440mm and 1830X2440mm

The sheets are half the weight of glass. Plexiglas can be thermoformed, cut to size, engraved, laser and router cut.  PLEXIGLAS® provides architects with endless design opportunities in commercial, residential and industrial.

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