Pronal, producers of flexible actuation, isolation and liquid storage technology, are introducing new ranges to Australia through their national distributors Air Springs Supply .

Pronal, French elastomer and plastomer technology experts, have developed the tough lifting tanks used to pluck artifacts from the ocean liner Titanic nearly four kilometres down on the ocean floor.

Pronal’s global range of standard and custom-fabricated products used to lift, push, press, seal and store, which is described in a new Australian website, includes inflatable products tough enough to split rocks in quarries, to hoist trucks and locomotives for service, to store water for civil emergencies and industrial use and to rapidly seal off pollution and safety threats in pipelines.

In addition to high strength, the technology offers even and gentle application of force in applications as diverse as packaging and bottling, sealing of critical surfaces in industrial equipment and delicate manoeuvring of heavy equipment (such as pipelines) over uneven, subsiding and rugged surfaces.

Pronal products now available in Australia include the following:

Pronal lifting cushions:
Pronal lifting cushions are highly portable hoisting devices that can provide delicate heavy lifts. They are safe and easy to use. Capable of raising up to 67,000kg per unit in standard form, their typical applications extend across a broad range of mobile uses in the mining, industrial, civil rescue, military, aviation and automotive sectors.

Pronal lifting bags:
Pronal lifting bags are pneumatic devices offering ideal distribution of thrust. They are especially designed and shaped to perform mechanical functions such as pushing, pressing, guiding, clamping, blocking, damping, lifting and moving. They are ruggedly constructed from high-resistance fabric coated with synthetic rubber formulated for industrial environments.

Pronal inflatable stoppers:
Pronal inflatable stoppers are used, to test pipes for leaks under pressure (joint testing); isolate pipes for maintenance (inspection stoppers); temporarily seal pipes to avoid runoff of toxic materials (pollution stoppers);provide highly portable and re-usable medium and high-pressure stoppers for offshore use; provide high-pressure, self-contained stoppers for specialised uses, from power stations to nuclear plants.

Pronal inflatable seals:
Pronal inflatable seals are used for applications where an ideal seal is required. Typical uses include sealing, pressing, handling, flanging, isolating, plugging, testing, protection or verification operations. Available either as original equipment or spare parts, they are frequently applied in pipes, tubes, conduits and machinery and installations involved in the industrial, mining, mineral processing, offshore, energy and safety sectors.

Pronal flexible tanks:
Pronal flexible tanks provide an ideal solution to liquid storage and transporting challenges. Available in capacities up to 500 cubic metres, the technology is simple, quick to deploy and cost-effective. Pronal offer several product ranges for air, sea and ground storage and for transportation of fluids in addition to water.

Pronal palletising grippers:
Pronal palletising grippers are designed to safely, securely and gently grip plastic and glass bottles during palletising and de-palletising. Used for a wide range of food and beverages, they have been demonstrated in Australian service to reduce breakages.

According to Simon Agar, Air Springs Supply National Sales Manager, one of the main strengths of Pronal is their technical ability and ability to produce customised solutions for particular applications.

The global strength of Pronal’s engineering expertise extends from onshore mining and quarrying, to water resources protection, offshore petroleum exploration and sub-sea operations.