The latest generation Citizen Brilliant Vivid LED range from Aglo Systems is designed specifically to provide high quality light in colour sensitive applications such as high end retail stores.

Delivering beautiful and enriched high colour quality light, Citizen Vivid LEDs are designed to make the hue, lightness and saturation of objects more faithful. Unlike standard LEDs, the Citizen Vivid range can represent a full range of fine, natural colour gradation, allowing the texture and detail of the product to distinctly stand out.

All LED products from Aglo are designed around quality and to suit almost all applications. In this premium store application where colour was an important consideration, Aglo’s Citizen Brilliant Vivid LEDs were installed for the desired functional outcomes.

Available in 2700K – 5000K colour temperatures and several intensity options, Citizen Vivid LEDs can be fitted into Aglo’s extensive range of downlights, track spots and shop lights.

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