Aglo Systems developed a new retail lighting design concept using premium LED light fittings for Australian Geographic stores. Engaged to design and supply lighting for 70-plus Australian Geographic stores for over 5 years, Aglo developed a standardised lighting design concept for use across all new store fitouts, ensuring a consistent look and feel.

The concept by the Aglo Lighting Design team ensures all areas of the store are brightly lit with displays illuminated optimally from different angles; high quality LED fittings with a 3000K colour temperature and high CRI 90 are installed; and the lighting reaches lux levels of 750 Lux for the floor space and wall bays, 2000 Lux in targeted display areas, and 1500 Lux in the window display and store entrance.

The retail lighting design concept for Australian Geographic stores uses a broad range of different LED light fittings including Venice Mini spotlights highlighting the wall bays and displays on the floor; Glacier Duo downlights illuminating the window display and front entrance; Stealth-3 extrusions and LED strips positioned above the sales counter following the black timber slat ceiling design; and LED strips placed in the ceiling bulkheads for indirect ambient illumination, running around the perimeter of the store.

Additionally, Fuji downlights are used innovatively to illuminate four hemisphere planets from inside, which are mounted directly to the ceiling as a decorative feature. Aglo also supplied Sirius LED battens for the back-of-house area and the illuminated emergency signage.