Aglo Systems is upgrading the lighting systems at several Baby Bunting retail stores across Australia to increase energy efficiency. Of the 37-plus Baby Bunting retail outlets across Australia, Aglo Systems has so far upgraded the lighting in nine stores and the external lighting on another three over the last 12 months.

For stores in Victoria and NSW where the VEET and IPART schemes (respectively) provide rebates for energy saving lighting upgrades, Baby Bunting has received significant upfront discounts on the fitting costs.

Baby Bunting sought a minimum average of 700 Lux in their design brief with the levels averaging 300 Lux prior to the upgrade. For each store, Aglo created a lighting design based on calculations that would significantly improve the light levels while reducing lighting energy consumption, achieve the maximum rebate, and meet the brief requirement of 700 Lux.

Aglo also replaced several outdated fittings of twin 36W TA fluorescent tubes and 150W metal halide shoplighters with Lumo panels, Hubble shoplighters and Fuji downlights.

Image: Baby Bunting Bentleigh Victoria after the lighting upgrade