Aglo Systems was involved in a unique lighting project at a Sydney school that required new pendant lights to be created to blend with the aesthetics of the heritage building.

Working with Point of View Lighting Design, Aglo created several corridor pendants and a heritage lighting feature pendant for the Cranbrook School in Sydney. The feature pendant utilised three separate light features, which were carefully refurbished and incorporated into a new single design piece. The challenging task required Aglo to incorporate the pre-existing features within a new pendant design. The new components were manufactured by milling, rolling and spinning brass to match the material and finish of the existing features.

The new corridor pendant feature lights designed by Point of View came in three size variations and had to match the historic building environment in terms of the materials used as well as the look and feel. For this task, Aglo Systems produced three units of three spheres, two units of a dual sphere, and one single-sphere version. The corridor pendants were manufactured by spinning, folding and welding steel, which was then electroplated in a brushed brass finish to complement the aesthetic of the feature pendant. The corridor pendant illuminates the area with LED strip uplighting and downlight spotlights.