Versastone from Adbri Masonry is a new vertical retaining wall system that combines the best features of two of their market-leading products.

The modern Versastone retaining wall system comes complete with standard blocks, corners and caps; and utilises Adbri’s unique dry stack system. Versastone uses self-locking lugs, which allows each block to neatly lock into the next without the need for adhesives or mortar. 

Adbri Masonry Marketing Manager Karl Wood says the Versastone retaining wall system combines the smooth finish of their in-demand Euro stone paver series and the innovative self-locking lug design of their Versawall product line. The new Versastone system is also lighter than comparable products on the market; making it an easy product for homeowners to use themselves in their outdoor projects.

Featuring a premium shot blast texture, Versastone retaining wall system is available in four natural colours: Oatmeal, Steel, Ivory and Charcoal. While Oatmeal and Charcoal colours are popular choices, Steel provides a halfway point between the two, and Ivory can act as a brilliant contrast colour tone. 

Wood explains the cool toned colours were specially chosen to provide homeowners with the opportunity of incorporating a modern and more industrial-styled aesthetic into their outdoor space. 

Wood also suggests installing the Versastone retaining wall system around the pool area for the upcoming summer. As a pure vertical retaining wall solution, it will allow homeowners to maximise and utilise that difficult circumference of space available around the pool.

Adbri Masonry and celebrity landscaper Jason Hodges provide a few tips on transforming the outdoor pool area: 

Consider the background greenery 

According to Adbri Masonry ambassador and expert landscaper Jason Hodges, one of the benefits of retaining wall systems around pool areas is that homeowners can use premium soils and potting mixes, as opposed to using whatever soil is available in the ground; the raised area also protects plants from most pool water, allowing the homeowner to be adventurous with their background flowering plants and greenery.

Don’t just think straight lines 

Retaining wall blocks can create curved, slow waves or even full circles, instead of boring boxy straight lines. 

Transform forgotten corners and perimeters 

Retaining walls help transform useless and previously inaccessible parts of the garden; Jason suggests growing the right flowering plant or palm tree to turn ugly corners into a brilliant focal point.

Build furniture into outdoor and pool spaces 

Retaining walls are versatile structures and double as easy poolside bench seats. Versastone blocks are perfect for this application and are available in specially designed corner units. 

Need a bit of help getting started? 

Watch Adbri Masonry and Jason’s helpful short online instructional video where Jason reveals step by step instructions, top tips and trade secrets to undertaking your weekend project.