With continuing water restrictions and ever growing urban land development, architects and designers are under increasing pressure to incorporate water management systems that help to maximise the use of water resources.

The Ecotrihex permeable pavement system from Adbri Masonry is a proven component in Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

Through a series of drainage gaps filled with a small aggregate on the pavement surface, Ecotrihex paving systems allow water to pass through the surface layers, minimising stormwater runoff, downstream flooding, pollution problems, as well as moisture evaporation from base courses.

Ecotrihex permeable pavement systems can also harvest water runoff that has permeated through surface layers which, depending on the area, can equate to large amounts of water being gathered for later use.

More information on Ecotrihex permeable paving systems is available from Adbri Masonry.