Snasco, one of the Gulf’s influential property developers, has selected Aconex to manage project information for all parties involved in the Sharjah Investment Centre (SIC) development, United Arab Emirates.

Aconex is a web-based system that enables organisations to store and manage their documents and project mail using one central platform.

Team members can view, distribute and track their files electronically at any time and from any location – reducing the time and cost associated with using paper documents.

As the lead developer behind SIC, SNASCO is using Aconex to track all documents processed within the mega-project, guaranteeing that they are delivered to the appropriate persons working at any specific company.

The program has unlimited storage capacity and additionally allows for any business to upload, receive, send and save any format of documents to Aconex’s main server.

Saleh Al Sorayai, Chairman of SNASCO and Chairman of the Sharjah Investment Center, said: "Since the SIC will house many projects and firms, its logistical management will need the employment of technology that can handle such intricate operations in the most reliable and efficient manner currently possible. It is for this reason that we have chosen Aconex for this mission."

He added, "Many of the huge investment projects in the UAE are using this program to track their documentation. SNASCO's operations division wanted to ensure maximum efficiency in its filing works. This was the main driver behind our choice to invest in Aconex and ensure its use by all parties – quantity surveyors, contractors, etc.

"The applying of this software to our operations was highly recommended by our Project management team (Coffey projects) as the best way to ensure that SIC's operations continue without a hitch.”

Aconex Chief Executive Officer, Leigh Jasper, said: “SIC is a high-profile development that will involve parties from around the world, so it is important to manage risks stemming from documentation and communication. Traditional information management tools, such as paper documents and email, are not sophisticated enough for a project of this scale.

Using Aconex will save time through speeding up information exchange, reduce administrative costs such as printing and couriers, and reduce exposure to risks such as reworks, disputes and delays. We look forward to helping SNASCO deliver this ambitious project.”