Aconex has secured a contract with British Gas Exploration and Production India Ltd. (BGEPIL) to provide its online information management service to NRPOD, the Mid Tapti Gas Field expansion project, offshore Mumbai.

NRPOD is part of a US$500million expansion and development of the mid-Tapti gas field, situated 160km north-west of Mumbai. The Tapti field is operated by a joint venture comprising BGEPIL, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. and Reliance Industries Ltd. The NRPOD project includes the installation of a processing and compression platform, 100km of 20inch infield and export pipelines and a new wellhead platform. The development will almost double the field’s production capacity.

Now entering its construction phase, NRPOD has more than 120 participating suppliers and contractors that are situated across five continents. The Aconex system will be used to facilitate communication and collaboration between these project participants by managing the extensive flow of information.

Aconex will store all project information – such as plans, drawings, workflows and correspondence – online in one central site. This will enable NRPOD project participants to view, track and share their documents at any time, and from any location.

The benefits of implementing Aconex will include: increased control through centralising information; increased productivity by reducing administrative time, reduced administrative costs such as couriers, printing and stationery; and reduced exposure to risks caused by information loss or the use of superseded documents.

Aconex Managing Director Leigh Jasper says, “The required speed of information turn-around and level of reliability on the NRPOD project would be very difficult to achieve without the use of Aconex. The use of hard copy documents or alternative e-mail systems would be more time consuming and potentially risky.”

Jasper adds, “Due to the global reach of Aconex, we are able to provide 24/7 local support and training to all project participants, in order to ensure a smooth implementation process.”

Aconex provides an online information management service to the construction, engineering and property management industries. Aconex services 30,000 companies across 40 countries on projects valued at US$75 billion.