ACO approached the University of Western Sydney (UWS) School of Engineering & Industrial Design to conduct an investigation on the temporary ponding of grated trench drains. The investigation was undertaken and submitted as a thesis titled, “Ponding of Drains in Urban Areas”, by Marlene van der Sterren an undergraduate in her final year of study for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Civil).

Part of her thesis included full scale field-testing. The field-testing was conducted at the UWS Hawkesbury campus where a length of ACO drain was installed on the edge of a concrete slab and a rainfall simulator, using recycled water from the UWS Hawkesbury Wastewater Reuse Scheme, was used to flood the ACO drain to create the temporary ponding.

The findings from this thesis will assist in providing more accurate results through ACO’s ponding analysis calculations offered by the technical services department on the ACO drain products.

Congratulations to the University of Western Sydney and Marlene van der Sterren, who was awarded a scholarship from the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia for her thesis titled, “Ponding of Drains in Urban Areas”.