An obtrusive drainage system from ACO Polycrete was specified for the new Western Australia Athletics Stadium in Perth.

The 10,000-capacity world class venue features a 2000-seat grandstand. Designers selected large square pavers for the hardstand area behind the grandstand where a discrete surface drainage system was required.

ACO’s AS 1428.2 compliant Brickslot drainage system was specified by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland. An unobtrusive drainage system with a slotted frame, the linear trench drain was purposefully positioned in line with the paving grid to allow for visual continuity of the pavement. 

The sloped nature of the underlying Polycrete channels provided efficient drainage as well as directed the captured stormwater towards the nominated outlets along the run.

In addition to Brickslot linear trench drains, ACO products also used in this project included ACO Sport and ACO Drain grated trench drains as well as ACO Cablemate trafficable cable enclosures.