ACO Polycrete , member of the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA), has recently upgraded its WaterMark accredited range of stainless steel building drainage systems.

The ACO Stainless range comprises channels, grates, waste pipe systems and floor gullies for both residential and commercial applications where corrosion resistance, aesthetics and hygiene are important.

These products are particularly suited for use in commercial kitchens, abattoirs, food processing areas, brewing bottling plants, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, leisure facilities and residential applications.

ShowerDrain is Australasia’s well-known range of floor grate and trough systems specifically designed for bathroom drainage.

Five options are available including Linéaire, an ideal patented grate with anti slip features.

ACO Polycrete’s commercial grate and trough systems, available in standard 100mm, 200mm and 300mm internal widths, are the wide range in the industry.

A broad selection of corrosion resistant grates, including Heelguard Antislip, ensures that these high performance systems are suited to any application. Heelguard is a trademark of ACO Polycrete.

There is a choice of 4 edge profile options for each channel system enabling seamless adaptation to any floor surface.

For efficient drainage and discrete run positioning, systems can be manufactured to any length and depth; with corner and branch units; and with sloped inverts.

Visitors to the website will have access to straight run drawings for those wishing to select and customise systems to a project’s specific requirements.