KerbDrain, a compact kerb drain system from ACO Polycrete was installed at a new truck stop established recently at Pheasants Nest.

Pheasants Nest, a town located on the Hume Highway between Goulburn and the outskirts of the Sydney metropolitan area, offers roadhouse catering for north and south bound traffic. NSW Roads and Maritime Services recently set up the truck stop to encourage truck drivers to rest.

The natural ground slope of the area meant that overland flow from the Roadhouse needed to be diverted away from the entry ramp of the highway. To eliminate sheet flow from entering the traffic, ACO’s KerbDrain QK200A with its repetitive slot pattern was specified by NSW Roads and Maritime Services to intercept surface water.

Unlike conventional kerb and gutter systems, KerbDrain is a compact monolithic channel and kerb profile drain that allows engineers to transform kerbs into continuous inlet structures with minimal excavation.