Amcom Telecommunications Ltd (Amcom) used cable pits from ACO Polycrete as part of their expanding fibre optic network in Western Australia.  

Amcom provides broadband, telephony, fibre and co-location services to consumers and business customers in Western Australia.  

The core of Amcom’s rollout structure is a state-of-the-art, multi-service network comprising of a high-quality fibre optic backbone of high speed metropolitan area groups. These are located in Australia’s main, central and western cities.  

In what is known as a series of ‘last inch’ rollouts in Perth, ACO CABLEMATE polymer concrete cable pits and plastic body cable pits with steel lids were used along the route.  

Depending on their location, these cable pits provided a secure enclosure for protecting the carrier’s cable drawing and jointing function, and in some cases helped to preserve the cable manufacturer’s minimum radii for both storage and route directional changes.  

ACO’s steel PowerLok lids were equipped with Amcom’s padlocks, ensuring a high level of security for the continuity of service to its many Perth-based customers.  

To ensure optimum safety and convenience for Amcom’s maintenance crews, the PowerLok lid, unlike typical industry equivalents does not contain a protruding locking bar spanning across the space of the pit.  

Instead, its locking mechanism is compact and kept high, well above the cables. The lid’s access hatches are spring loaded and can display the carrier’s logo for quick identification.