The ShowerDrain Lightline system from ACO Polycrete is an adaptation of the original ShowerDrain system that now includes Lightline, a water activation lighting system. ShowerDrain Lightline is an industry-first innovation, purpose-built to suit ACO’s bathroom grates so that the ShowerDrain system can illuminate during showers and for seve­ral minutes thereafter.  

The Lightline LED units are waterproof and available in blue, red, green and rainbow colours. Lightline LED units are easily removable for recharging and fit neatly beneath each end of the grate in the ShowerDrain system. Lightline LED units do not require any wiring, and on average, will only need recharging every three months.    

The ShowerDrain is available in 900mm, 1200mm or can be built to custom lengths, and can easily be secured into the topping screed, ideal for existing (retrofit) or new bathrooms. Manufactured from 100% stainless steel, ShowerDrain is available with a wide choice of grates, allowing designers to adapt them to any bathroom design.  

ShowerDrain is fully accredited to the strictest regulatory requirements and can be installed adjacent to walls, shower hobs and even in hobless applications for uninterrupted safety of passage.