Accent International  offer the Australian manufactured Shower Mast and Brolli showers that are minimalist in design but big on features and versatility.

The Shower Mast and Brolli showers offer the same adjustable compact spray nozzle that measures just 32mm in diameter.

The holes in the nozzle are drilled at an angle to present a spray arc of approximately thirty degrees, and the nozzle pivots on a ball joint to offer different spray angles.

Both showers are connected to a standard wall outlet with optional back plates.

The Brolli shower measures 830mm high and is installed approximately 900mm from the floor.

The Shower Mast is 1800mm high and it provides enhanced versatility having; in addition to the adjustable spray nozzle; the option of a hand shower on a flex.

Both the Shower Mast and Brolli showers have been designed to match Accent’s range of Intamix Geo Viva in wall Mixers and Geo Viva tapware and accessories, completing any bathroom.