Accent International  is pleased to announce that they are now manufacturing bench mounted soap dispensers here in Australia. They feature a classic minimalist design combined with Accent’s high quality manufacturing processes.

These bench mounted soap dispensers are manufactured from brass, and are hand polished and chrome plated. The heavy duty pump mechanism is adapted from the wall mounted commercial soap dispenser, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The top of the soap dispenser is vandal resistant.

Accent’s SDB-CGV soap dispensers measure 70mm (H) and the lever measures 50mm, making it an ideal match for minimalist style tapware.

The 1 litre soap bottle can be attached directly underneath the dispenser or the dispenser can take the soap feed from a 5 litre container up to 2 metres horizontally from the dispenser.

All bench top soap dispensers are supplied with a foot valve to stop soap draining back into the bottle. This stops the soap draining from the hose, eliminating the need to re-prime the dispenser.