Acoustic design plays an important role in today’s architectural environments. It is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

As open plan design continues to become increasingly popular there comes an increased need for improved acoustic conditions. Acoustic performance is an essential factor for learning outcomes, workplace productivity and patient wellbeing.

Due to budget restraints, building acoustics may have previously taken a backseat to the functionality and aesthetics of a space. Today, improved acoustics play an equally important role, not only for alleviating the negative health impacts of noise, but for maintaining the performance and productivity of those within.

Green Star IEQ-10: Internal Noise Levels requirements dictate the maximum level of ambient noise (background noise level) as well as reverberation time (the time noise travels for) within a space to ensure occupant comfort.

Specifying products that meet IEQ-10: Internal Noise Levels requirements will assist a project obtaining Green Star credit by directly reducing internal noise levels through sound control or minimising noise generation.

With the ability to significantly improve the functionality and sound control of indoor spaces by absorbing and thus reducing unwanted noise, the specification of carpets is traditionally the first choice in flooring for acoustic design. A high performance carpet can practically eliminate floor impact sounds such as the noise produced by footfalls, chairs scraped across the floor, and objects being dropped onto the floor.

However, not all carpets are created equal, and special consideration must be given to specifying a carpet that will provide the best control of reverberation and promote a reduction in the transfer of noise.

EcoSoft Carpet Tiles have been developed to address acoustic needs and sustainability concerns of modern design.

Providing twice the sound absorption of traditional hardback carpet tiles, EcoSoft carpet tiles from Carpets Inter and supplied by Above Left are made from recycled PET bottles. In combination with good sound insulation design, EcoSoft will help a space to qualify to Green Star IEQ-10: Internal Noise Levels requirements.

EcoSoft is made from millions of fine fibres interlocked during the manufacturing process. The end result is a sound absorption felt which is ideal for absorbing ambient and impact noise and lowering reverberation time in a room.

The new Tavola plank will be the first EcoSoft cushioned back tile in Australia and is 150 percent more thermally-efficient than hard-backed carpet tiles.

EcoSoft carpet tiles have also been awarded a 5-star rating from the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) Guideline for Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating.

EcoSoft carpet tiles are the best solution for commercial, residential and institutional applications. The installation of EcoSoft carpet tiles is cost effective and addresses the need for acoustic comfort in modern design, providing quality of life to those within.

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