Sustainability, maintenance, durability in a high traffic application and acoustics were some of the factors that played a role in the selection of EcoSoft carpet tiles from Above Left for the Senior School Centre at McKinnon Secondary College in Melbourne.

Architecture firm H2o Architects recommended the Above Left carpet for the new $10-million Senior School Centre at a very early stage of the project. The school management was so impressed with EcoSoft that they had the carpet installed in several other areas of the school even before the new building was completed.

Carpets Inter EcoSoft plank carpet tile (Tavola – Blu) was chosen for the Senior School Centre. The EcoSoft carpet tiles supplied for the installation contained 136,000 recycled PET bottles, diverting them from landfill and the ocean.

Assistant Principal Michael Kan said:

“Above Left carpet was installed in our 10-million-dollar new Senior School Centre at McKinnon Secondary College. The high quality of the product could clearly be seen in the samples presented to us from the architects at the design stage. We were so impressed with this product we installed the carpet in our Theatre, Gym and Music Centre before the new building was even completed.

“When installed the carpet looks stunning; it is robust in high traffic areas and is easy to clean. The panels we chose with blue, green and charcoal colour gradation look particularly effective in the contemporary open spaces we have created. The acoustic insulation built into the carpet panels keeps the spaces quiet, even when the areas are busy with students.

“This carpet was a fantastic choice for our school.”