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This home was originally an old brush factory that was acquired by the family with a view to redesign the space to suit a family home and business on the one premise.

Any warehouse conversion is tricky and this was no exception, with tall ceilings and a large, open space to make family-friendly.

Designer Catherine Young took a full brief from the owners before beginning the design work.

As the owners love to entertain, it was important that the space not only function well but become a central gathering space for their extended family and friends. They wanted plenty of storage, with clever design solutions to make the most of the space.

One among the main design considerations focussed on how to give the kitchen a strong, contemporary look that would not be out of place in a large space.

To this end, Catherine Young has included a large island bench with an extra-thick benchtop for added functionality and durability, while tilt-up doors above the pantries make access a breeze.

The large appliance cabinet allows the owners to keep messy items hidden away and soft-close mechanisms to all drawers ensure the kitchen is easy-to-use at all times.

There is plenty of aesthetic interest in the design with aluminium-framed perspex doors to the bank of pantries adding a sparkling element, while a specially-created linear feature panel on the bar back is a visual feature.

Catherine Young is proud of the final design and knows exactly what her favourite element is: “I love the Donkey colour with the aluminium frames,” she says.