The integration of kitchen/dining and living spaces was a noticeable feature of the 2008 Milan Kitchen Expo. “This points the way to the future of kitchen design,” said Michael Terley, Managing Director of A-Plan Kitchens .

A-Plan Kitchens joined some 348,000 visitors to the 2008 Milan Kitchen Expo, earlier this year to check out the new trends in kitchen design and manufacture.

“Open plan living is now an essential part of our contemporary lifestyle, so the kitchen has become the focal point of the modern home,” Michael Terley explained.

This was reflected with many of the designs on display in Milan. The use of common colours and textures helped to integrate kitchen and living spaces.

“Thanks to an exciting new range of colours and finishes such as timber, wood grain, glass and stone, many of these trends are starting to appear in Australia,” says Michael Terley.

With all these design options, the kitchen is set to become the showpiece of the modern Australian home.