3M Touch Systems is to integrate selected Vikuiti display enhancement films from 3M with its extensive line of MicroTouch touch screen products to provide unique, value-added solutions for many different vertical applications requiring a touch interface.

The integration of Vikuiti display enhancement films will deliver optically-enhanced touch screens that offer innovative solutions for image directing, solar reflectivity, and one solution that will aid in the confidential viewing of sensitive material.

These solutions are designed to help satisfy many customer requests in the industrial, outdoor, entertainment, and medical applications.

Vikuiti display enhancement films will be integrated with 3M Touch Systems' ClearTek, Near Field Imaging, and Resistive touch screen product lines.

Vikuiti image directing films bend the light coming from the display toward the viewer to optimise the viewing angle. This innovative film enhances the viewing ability by helping to bring better viewing angles to people, standing or sitting, at tabletop and bartop applications.

These types of touch applications are popular in casino gaming, bar top games, and menu ordering systems.

Vikuiti solar reflective film helps prevent infra-red solar rays from overheating devices or enclosures in sunlight.

When incorporated with a touch screen, this solution offers tremendous value for industrial enclosures, gas pumps, kiosks, and outdoor ticketing applications without radio frequency interference or corrosion issues.

Keeping information confidential has become a strong concern among consumers and patients alike. With the integration of Vikuiti light control film, controlled viewing is achievable.

Only the person directly in front of the screen is able to view its contents; observers standing to the side have their line of sight blocked. This can be critical in hospitals and doctor's offices, but also in banking applications and voting machines.