Reducing energy consumption in every aspect of our lives is becoming an increasing priority. In response to this concern, building compliance changes have focused on increasing commercial building efficiency, which can often sacrifice valuable visible light needed for a healthy living and working environment. 

PerformaTech™ products provide the balance between exceptional light transmission, solar control and thermal insulation, enabling developers, architects, designers and engineers alike, the opportunity to create inspirational, economically viable and environmentally sustainable buildings.

PerformaTech™ uses a high-performance Low-E coating that restricts UV and infrared radiation, allowing the maximum use of glass for light and views while simultaneously insulating against heat loss and selectively shielding unwanted heat gain. It is ideal for use in commercial glazing where light and clear views are important, as well as the need to keep solar heat out in summer and retain it during winter.

PerformaTech™ is only available as part of an insulating glass unit and, when combined with other Viridian glass, a vast range of performance possibilities and aesthetic options can be achieved including additional privacy, security, noise and other benefits.

Viridian engineers and architectural managers are available to discuss requirements and assist further regarding custom configurations, thermal assessments and building compliance.