Grip Guard anti-slip treatment increases the wet slip resistance of tiled and stone-based floors. The treatment microscopically modifies the internal pore structure of the tiles to reduce the risk of aquaplaning - the cause of slip accidents.  

Surfaces can become wet through rain, spills and splashes, cleaning and water tracking/dripping from pedestrians entering from an wet outdoor area.  Even shoes that are wet from damp grass can become hazardous when stepping onto tiled or stone surfaces.  

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment can be activated by even the smallest amount of moisture and immediately makes those surface more slip resistant.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment has been helped property owners/managers in the aged care, healthcare, hospitality, eductional, commercial and industrial sectors as well as in homes around Australia.

Unlike floor coatings, Grip Guard anti-slip treatment creates a permanent modification to the floor -  with no change in appearance.