DayRay™ harvests daylight by the conversion of solar energy via a Solar Panel on the roof to drive a daylight simulator LED array on the ceiling. This new green technology is known as a Hybrid Solar Lighting Device or HSLD. Available in either a 30W or 50W solar panels.

And the good news is: Daylighting is now as flexible as you want it to be!

  • Can be fitted to all roof types
  • The ability to light the inner areas not suitable to conventional skylights or tubes
  • No heat loss/gain thereby reducing heat load on the building
  • No need for structural alterations
  • Two compact VividDay™ fittings can run from one Skypanel (50W)
  • Provides a connection with the outside environment and mimics skylighting by fluctuating as the clouds roll by 

DayRay™ immediately enhances the overall feeling of any dark space and the spatial appeal of a well-lit room just makes life a lot brighter.