Alucobond Architectural distributes a range of quality façade products throughout Australia for interior and exterior applications. ALUCOBOND® from Alucobond Architectural offers architects and designers product versatility for innovative and individual project planning.

With high formability and stability, ALUCOBOND® provides a durable, tailor-made solution for any building application

  • Diversity of brilliant colours and excellent weather resistance
  • Individual design and easy processing
  • Lightweight and large panel sizes
  • Excellent vibration dampening characteristics
  • Low maintenance

ALUCOBOND® is not only ideally suited to the building and construction industry, it is also used for corporate identity programs along with the vehicle manufacturing industry.

For effective and continuous protection, ALUCOBOND® uses environmentally friendly materials

  • All finishes are RoHS Compliant and contain no lead, mercury, cadmium or chromium
  • Full recyclable product
  • Market leader for all climatic and environmental conditions

ALUCOBOND® from Alucobond Architectural is lightweight, extremely flat and rigid that is ideal for any curtain wall system

  • Properties of the product allow for it to be bent, curved or shaped to any required angle
  • Factory applied coil coated Fluoropolymer paint finish
  • Cost effective
  • Available in a range of sheet thicknesses and sizes
  • Suitable for use as a cladding panel

The unsurpassed finish and flatness of ALUCOBOND®, its dynamic range of colours and exciting shapes allow the designer complete freedom of creativity.