PROMATECT®100 is a new generation of calcium silicate board based on our patented PROMAXON® technology. PROMAXON® is a synthetic hydrated engineered mineral in a spherical form. The spheres form a linking network in the boards chemical makeup which is a key factor in the boards cohesion and stability in fire conditions. The end result is a board with signifi cantly better fi re insulation properties than a traditional calcium silicate or gypsum based boards.

This technology allows the PROMATECT®100 board to be able to reduce the physical footprint of a fire rated wall or ceiling without compromising on performance. For wall systems with Fire Resistance Levels of up to 120/120/120 the system consists of a single layer of board on either side of standard stud frame system. This translates to an over 10% reduction in the wall foot print compared to an equivalent fire rated plasterboard system. It also has a 50% saving in installation time and cost as only a single layer is required on each side. The system has a smooth finish which most common architectural finishes can be applied to. With a standard stud and track system heights up to 8.5m can be achieved and with an alternate framing system the height can increase to 15m. The system is also available for 1hr and 4hr FRL’s using board thicknesses of 15mm and 40mm (2 x20mm) respectively. The system also has a full range of acoustic testing.

For ceiling systems, a single layer above and below a ceiling purlin can achieve an FRL of up -/120/120 for fi re protection from both above and below. Four-hour ceiling systems are also available using 2 layers of PROMATECT 100 either side of the steel framing for fi re protection from above and below. A further innovation for the PROMATECT 100 is the ability to line the underside of a timber or steel framed timber fl oor system to achieve ratings of up 120/120/120 for fire from below.

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