QwickBuild by Outdure is an external flooring system that provides strong, durable, stable structures to support decking boards, tiles, turf or a combination of these surfaces. Joists support the surfaces and the joists are supported by bearers. The bearers are supported by posts (piers) or adjustable height pedestals (deck jacks). QwickBuild is designed for installations over waterproof membranes, concrete or natural ground scenarios. The system allows for construction of support structures ranging from extremely low height (36mm) through to structures high off the ground (3m+).

QwickBuild is a 'mix and match' system, making it easy for qualified tradespersons to construct onsite from individual parts or assemble prefabricated frames. Also included as part of the system are Outdure’s ranges of decking boards, exterior tiles, and synthetic turf, all of which are designed to integrate easily as a complete solution.

The proprietary system comprises of a comprehensive range of patented beam profiles, fastening and support components and additional accessories. The system allows for the structure design for residential and commercial applications with a load capacity of up to 5kN point load and 5kPa UDL. The beams and components are manufactured from lightweight structural aluminium with marine-grade anodised or powder coated finish or electrophoresis 304 stainless steel. Other system components and accessories include brackets, clips, anchors, fasteners, access and ventilation grates, adjustable height pedestals.

Depending on the intended use and engineering design (spans required), the Outdure CAD team can design the structure you require from the following components.

QwickBuild offers the most features and benefits for deck structures under 400mm in height, especially areas where deck structures are built over a waterproof membrane. This includes rooftop spaces and apartment balconies. The system offers low height capabilities, enables the construction of deck structures with flush internal and external floor levels that are of complex integrating surfaces, and the convenience of transporting made-to-measure frames to site, significantly reducing installation time on site, therefore making QwickBuild a cost-effective solution. The system allows for the design and construction of stairs, seats, screens, and curves.

Particularly effective for balconies and rooftop spaces - new and remedial. Recent commercial projects include hospitality, aged care, education spaces, multi-residential, resorts, pools and childcare.

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  • Compliant, low-risk solution: The framework is designed to ‘float’ on a waterproof membrane without penetrating it
  • Durable and light-weight: Made from moisture-resistant materials
  • Versatile: Can design with infinite configurations to accommodate various heights and engineering requirements
  • Multi-surface integration: Select from Outdure’s range of decking, structural exterior tiles, turf or preferred surfaces
  • Low-height, long-span capabilities                                                                                    
  • Engineered solution: Residential and commercial applications
  • Load capacity of up to 5kN point load and 5kPa UDL
  • One complete system: For the structure, surfaces and fastenings reducing the number of trades required on a project
  • Cost-effective: Fast to install with interlocking components
  • Stable and level: A substantial reduction in the number of deck jack pedestals or posts required
  • Access solution: Add QwickGrates as a convenient solution for critical ventilation and access to drains and services under the surface
  • Enables flush levels: Between interior and exterior floor surfaces
  • Easy supply/install options:
    -  Loose components / O The Shelf (OTS)
    -  Kit-set / Cut To Size (CTS)
    -  Made To Adjust - Prefabricated Frames (MTA)
    -  Made To Measure - Pre-fabricated Modular Frames (MTM)


The QwickBuild system consists of all proprietary components designed for maximum durability.

    - Comprehensive range of patented joists and bearers available in commercial and residential profileS
    - Made from lightweight 6063-T6 structural aluminium with marine- grade anodized / powder coated / electrophoresis 304 stainless steel
    - Complete range including patented fasteners, brackets and screws
    - 304 stainless steel / polypropylene
    - The grilles sit level with the surface materials on top of the framework. A solution for critical ventilation and access underneath the structure
    - 6063-T6 structural aluminium Silver / Black Finish
    - Install onto joists to structurally support synthetic turf. 6063-T6 structural aluminium Silver / Black Finish
    - Range of self-leveling pedestals for low height applications