Revolving doors are the most energy efficient entrance solution available in the market today. The always open, always closed principle of a revolving door ensures a controlled environment where the outside air is given less opportunity to mix with the air from inside of the building. Due to the fact that there is less energy required to maintain the conditioned climate inside of the building, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of the building, whilst saving on both energy and cost.

The Tourniket is the most versatile revolving door in the market as it can be fully customised to reflect your building’s design and functionality. It can simply be a cost effective standardised product, or we can deliver a high specification revolving door with extreme dimensions, that acts as the key feature of any design. It is available with three or four door wings, with manual or automatic operation and in virtually any colour or finish you can imagine. The Crystal Tourniket also provides another unique option, as a stunning all glass model. Extensive experience and continuous innovation over more than a century has led us to be the global market leaders in revolving doors, and the perfect partner to tailor a solution for you.