The wide range of aluminium window systems available from Schueco Australia includes one which offers customers many advantages. Thanks to precision engineering, Schueco’s Tilt/Turn Window can open in two different ways. Turning the handle one step enables the vent to tilt inwards from the bottom for draught-free ventilation; turning it a second step engages the side-hinges allowing the window to open inward as a turn-window.

The benefits of this system include easy cleaning of the outside surface of the glass and simplified fitting of external fly-screens. In addition, in tilt mode, the window provides fresh air while still meeting safety-related opening restrictions.

The Schueco Tilt/Turn Window is supplied either uninsulated or with differing degrees of insulation up to, and including, Passive House standard.

The window can be fitted with concealed TipTronic motors so that it opens and closes by means of a button on the handle, a wall-mounted switch, a remote device or a BMS. Inbuilt anti-finger-trap protection ensures safety in automated use.

Finally, the Schueco Tilt/Turn Window offers excellent security: with enhanced fittings and glazing, special burglar-resistant units meet security levels up to a RC 3 standard.