Vionaro - the cubist drawer system with classy, yet minimalist styling combines the Dynapro slide system with a succinct shape, slimline design and top quality materials – the pure elegance of Vionaro makes furniture look good whether it is in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or the bedroom.

These exquisitely designed drawers that are made of steel and are available in a variety of powder coated finishes, look like a designer’s exclamation mark that expresses itself completely, without the use of decorative paraphernalia. When you open the innovative Vionaro drawer, you’ll witness a visionary movement system; Two purist double-wall drawer sides, one back panel, one front and that’s all! A lighter touch and more design consciousness hardly seem possible, enabling furniture design to reinvent itself day after day.

The collaboration between the Sensomatic comfort system and Vionaro make a harmonious multifunctional system which aims to combine the advantages of handle-free opening with the elegance of cushioned closing. Both designers and end users will enthusiastically welcome Vionaro.

Sensuous surfaces. Breathtaking linearity. Technology that has been tried, tested and proven, millions of times over.

If you’re looking for a drawer system where movement is not only technically functional, but also extremely comfortable, then look no further than Vionaro, available from Häfele Australia from September, 2014 onwards.