The HEDA Tough Wall System from Studco is your premium solution for maximizing wall frame design and reducing labour in medium and high-rise construction. HEDA sections can be used as lightweight steel lintels, heavy duty jamb studs and extra-tough wall studs in extreme walls. Check out some of the advantages of using the Studco HEDA System:


  • no need for boxed studs at internal opening or doorways
  • no need for boxed or back-to-back studs in wall designs
  • no need for complex lintel arrangements.


  • replace some structural sections with HEDAjamb
  • fewer noggins required in HEDAjamb walls
  • achieve huge spans not possible with conventional studs
  • Studco HEDA Tough Wall System is available in two section sizes for design flexibility.

Studco HEDAjamb considerably outperforms substitute products for even greater savings. MAXI STRENGTH, MINI LABOUR - HEDAjamb is the wall frame solution for rough openings and extreme walls.