As the inventors of linear drainage in Australia, Stormtech is proud to also be a pioneer in sustainability and "green responsibility" in their market.  Their entire product range of linear drains has recently obtained a GreenTagt certification.

Their products' design and manufacturing processes have been assessed in rigorous scientific and lifecycle testing. Globally, Stormtech obtained a Gold Eco Product rating. Every single product line of their range has obtained a Greenrate level A certification, which is the highest level of certification for building products. The GreenTagt certification is a third party, green building rating and certification system, underpinned by rigorous scientific and Life Cycle Assessment processes. 

Stormtech decided to obtain the certification as it will assist specifiers and consumers to source an architectural drainage system for its environmental credentials. Also, it will assist Green design and procurement professionals and companies requiring certified products for projects involved in the Green Building Council of Australia GreenStar rating, as many building companies decide to obtain a GreenStar certification for their projects in health, retail, multi-unit residential, industrial or public buildings.

Stormtech is committed to support sustainable plumbing design and construction that reduces the damage a plumbing system can cause to the biosphere.