Prodema® is one of the only companies on the market, manufacturing exterior façade panels with natural wood veneer. 

ProdEX by Prodema® is a line of exterior coverings that combine natural beauty with a guaranteed performance and durability. Each ProdEX natural wood panel is unique and will exhibit variations in grain and colour within the same supply. Colour and structure differences are considered as normal. Singularities such as knots and resin inclusions are not considered as imperfections, but as a part of the décor. There are differences in light fastness performances depending on the wood species and the source of the wood.

ProdIN by Prodema® is a line of interior cladding offering exciting possibilities for architecture and interior decoration. Every one of its five product lines has a particular internal core giving it unique technical features for every application. ProdIN lines include:

  • Neptuno - interior coverings for humid environments
  • Proligna - interior wood panels for dry environments
  • Supra - engineered wood flooring designed for high-traffic commercial spaces
  • Auditorium - acoustical wooden panels for walls and ceilings
  • Laminium - natural wood laminates.