THE InSinkErator food waste disposer completes the perfect kitchen. It can deal with food waste quickly and hygienically, leaving no mess and no smell, even in Australia's hot summer months.

The Evolution 200 has a unique three-stage grind technology. It grinds food waste into tiny particles that are easily flushed away. 

The modern food waste disposer is quiet, safe and hygienic. So quiet in fact that it can barely be heard when operating.

Installing a food waste disposer is an environmentally responsible choice. Using a food waste disposer means that there is less food waste ending up in landfill, which contributes to methane and other greenhouse gas emissions. 

Also, recycling through a food waste disposer can generate biogas that is used to produce energy.

The Quick Lock mounting assembly is ideal for a faster and easier installation. This unit comes with a built-in switch, which is available in chrome or brushed steel.

The Evolution 200 is a permanent in-house solution to food waste disposal that is clean, hygienic and it is an environmentally responsible choice for modern living.